This Self-Love Thing

This journey to perfect self love is easy when the Universe shines its goodness upon our world.
But what happens when it's not?
What happens when our reality crumbles or when the reflection we receive are less than pleasing to the heart?
What happens when we make a foolish mistake and it's less than easy to forgive ourselves?
When in our excitement to share our love far and wide we forget to " tie up our camel ", we " throw our pearls to swines"  ( lucky swines ! ) and end up in an emotional ditch?

Personally I think the universe has my back. It has my back so much that it pushes me like the wind: to walk my talk...

"You're an alchemist, you said? Transform that one!"
"An unconditional Self-Love muse?
Love yourself now!"

Thank the Universe I have a strong sense of humor and a darn good built in compassion. For self, and others.

I roar and shed tears but don't drown myself in my own puddle.

So on the perfect Self-Love path, sometimes we fall on our face, and like the children that we are, we pick ourselves up. We dust ourselves, and skip back toward our dreams, standing stronger on our two legs, assisted by wings of light, to make our mark and continue to contribute our bit to make this place better than we found it.

We speak our truth and stand tall, in the name of justice, in the name of peace, in the name of love 'cause our world needs us to keep going. No matter how hard it can seem at times. No matter how far our visions of an harmonious humanity may look. We keep going.

Happy New Moon everyone ❤️