Slaying Dragons is exhausting! A Dark Moon Post

If you’re one of us people who seem to live in a few alternate realities as well as in the one we call “ Normal 3D” you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

If you are not one of these people, there might com a time when you decide to take a leap and cross over the veil sometimes.

After all, why would most people go to the movies and love Sci-Fi and Faerie tales, if the inherent curiosity toward an alternate reality was not part of our human make-up?!

A while back I decided that the use of pranayamas and meditation as a mean to travel to the subtler realms, was more sustainable for me that the use of Marijuana or Ayehuasca.

I had been trained fairly early on, to create rituals and pass safely through different fields of consciousness.

Also early on, I gratefully acquired a very much needed discipline of mindfulness as I lived in a Zen Monastery in my early twenties.

As the family outlaw, following in the tracks of my extravagant, sensitive, violent and wounded father, I found solace in the belief that I had an important purpose in life. That I was being trained by forces beyond the veil, prepared to accomplish something of great value for my tribe and extended family, those who followed the honoring of the indigenous heart in themselves.

Though at times kicking and screaming, I fully embraced a path of service and devotion, carrying my love for humanity and even more for the beauty of the Earth. I anchored my commitment deep within my heart, like a precious gourde of water for a possibly long and dry journey.

As I walked through the jungle of consciousness and lack of, whacking a trail with an improvised machete of my own making, I discovered that there were others in front and behind me. And that by acknowledging each other effort we created a supportive field and brought a bit of ease and sense to each other experience.

So let's say that you also take an approach to your life that includes a certain attention to the mystic labyrinths of your soul journey.

Perhaps at first you are a child with a bright imagination and a love for good stories. Like me, you have a challenging upbringing and develop a resilient spirit with a touch of rebellion which opens you organically to a spiritual hunger. 

The same resilience becomes a winning personality as you grow yourself into an alchemist and learn to always find the gold in the most poisonous of your life's situations.

You acquire a whole set of tools and practices that help you navigate your path with sense and sensibility, healing ancestral pains and advancing you as a visionary, a healer, a teacher, a community heart warrior.

You learn through relationships hurdles, committed to find the answers to suffering in the name of Love itself.

Each loss, each deception, makes you stronger and instead of closing your heart, beautiful soul, you keep opening, you keep dissolving the edge of your own ego, and die a thousand deaths and rebirth a thousand births, becoming a pioneer bushwhacking in the jungle of human evolution.

You keep your eyes on the goal.

If you're a man perhaps you call that goal enlightenment, or freedom of sexual expression or being at peace with the inevitability of death.

If you're a woman you might see this goal as being honored as a mother AND a priestess, or to be at peace with your emotions, or mastering the co-creation of a mutually empowered loving relationship with a devoted monogamist partner ( a lost art form : ).

If you are a transgender or belong to any minority, you might see it as full acceptance and respect from others and finding your place in a society that has not made a supportive one for you yet.

Whatever makes your heart sing with the possibility of full ecstasy and helps you wake up in the morning with a sense of awe and excitement, or peaceful content, this is your battle in a world weaved with constant change at the brink of repair or total destruction.

So you fight your battles in an inner world battered by winds of circumstances and unexpected tests that comes soon as you get a breakthrough.

One dragon at a time.

It can be fucking painful, and sometimes makes you walk the scary edge of depression or reach for a mean to ease the pain. Perhaps you stumble into a cycle of addiction once in a while - we cope how we can until we’re ready to stand strong again - but the quest is alive in you and you come back to the straight line of your perceived devotion and keep digging deeper.
You try to tame your mind and your vibration according to what your learn about cosmology, astrology, sacred geometry, communication and the laws of manifestation.

But ultimately, each battles brings you closer, known or unbeknownst to you, to loving yourself unconditionally. To love the one who does not love you unconditionally.

“Good morning miss Jones, how is it going today?” Ask the school traffic attendant as you park your car to pick up your fledgling.!
“Fine, thank you Howard, and yourself?”

You got raccoon eyes from the tears you just managed to stop from smudging your mascara down to your chin, a knot in your stomach ‘cause you're not quite done severing the head of the last beast you've been wrestling with for the past week, going back to the battlefield at each possible break in the full schedule of your 3D reality.

“Slaying dragons is exhausting”, you finally have a chance to say to your pillow at the end of the day.