The Self-Love Cleanse

Ready to glow from the inside out?

The Self-Love Cleanse offers a journey that will not only reset your body metabolism to its full potential health, it will also free you from emotional and thought patterns that keep you from being the bright star that you are!

Cleansing is a wonderful way to learn to listen to our bodies and prevent many health challenges, sadly inherent to our environment and the lifestyles of today's society.

  • Have you ever wanted to do a cleanse but felt scared of not having enough support regarding your particular health needs or condition?
  • Are you feeling that such a cleanse can be just another yoyo diet element and that there is no sustainability afterwards?
  • Are you afraid of feeling hungry or too low energy to keep your schedule going?

If these are your concerns then you found the right approach…

In 10 days you will be skillfully guided and empowered to:

  • Break your addiction to processed food and unloving thought patterns.
  • Enjoy delicious nutrient-full organic superfoods.
  • Learn to prepare simple satisfying meals, have fun with it and not experience weakness or hunger that would keep you from your regular schedule
  • Learn how to safely detox and loose 5 to 10 lbs in 10 days and keep them off!
  • Learn to rebuild vitality and rejuvenation versus depleting your vital systems
  • Learn and experience organs rejuvenation through foods and lifestyle
  • Receive individual expert support for your particular health condition
  • Jump into your Life with Self -Love and Passion
Put your healthy on and open up to a new cycle of bountiful beauty   inside and out...

Put your healthy on and open up to a new cycle of bountiful beauty inside and out...

  • 10 days of organic goodness to help you shed the old and the unnecessary ( pounds, toxins, addictions ).
  • Easy to prepare recipes in addition to your cleanse products and supplements.
  • Daily Empowerment Guided Meditations.
  • Private Wellness Consultations and Coaching.
  • Daily Group Inspirations.
  • Supportive Online Community.

- What past participants say:


" Really positive. The dietary changes in conjunction with support from Yemaya and the other group members added a depth to the experience. I also enjoyed the recipes and guided meditations." Julie L. 52. San Rafael

"Excellent! This was very positive for me. I enjoyed the food, the supplements were easy to take and the shake was good. I learned that I have discipline to make positive changes and also learned that veggies can be good! My head was clear and I felt healthy for the first time in a long time."  Laura L. 48, Fairfax

"Best cleanse I've done even though I haven't done many nor this expensive so maybe that's why.  Loved that it was guided, never had done that.  The recipes were amazing!  The interactions via email and Facebook were extremely helpful.  It's expensive for me being that my financial focus is never food but I'm wanting to change that.  Meditations were great .  Lost weight!  Learned how to eat better but still having a hard time giving up the coffee. " Adrienne, 33. Fairfax

- Did you reach some of your intentions? which one?

"Yes, I lost some weight and purged my body of toxins. " Adrienne.

 " Yes!  First off, the focus on self care.  Then a bit more discipline around eating well on a schedule, eating smaller portions, eating more raw, more veggies.  And cleaning out the gut." Grace, 52. Marin County

" I was successful with my goal to shift my eating habits and reset my body toward healthful food, I noticed how satisfied and satiated I felt while eating good food at regular intervals. " Laura , 48. Fairfax

" I got rid of head aches!! I enjoyed your recipes." Sophie, 55. Orinda

- Did you feel supported by Yemaya’s guidance?

"Yes. I noticed that you listened closely and adequately suggested solutions to the specific issues I was bringing forward" Julie

"Absolutely! The regular check-in meetings help to keep accountable and it's good to hear other people's journeys. The One-on-One were also very good and I looked forward to the FB postings...good sources of information and recipes." Laura

" Yes. Thank you for making yourself available and answering texts." Adrienne

- Did you enjoy the products?

"Yes, very much!"

" They were good.  I actually thought the shake powder was a bit too sweet. Next time I'll order the other Original, not the Vanilla Chai."

" Loved the aminos and the shake.  Did not see a difference with the cleanser and the electrolytes.

" The shake was awesome."

" Yes. Easy to use. Good flavors "

- Did you enjoy the recipes?
 " Very much. For me that was the best part of the whole thing.
I would recommend you as a coach to transition to healthier eating and a chef." Sophie

"The recipes were a highlight of the cleanse and made it easy to comply. I was introduced to some of the flavor combinations that helped me get out of a food rut. I had a lot of fun and much pleasure eating such beautiful foods..." Julie L.

- Did the guided journeys enhance your process? The Journeys were very powerful and brought a deeper dimension of spiritual cleansing to the process." Julie, 54. San Rafael.

"I am working on weaving meditation back into my daily life. I have gotten away from it and need to make time for this." Laura

- Would you recommend this cleanse to others?

"Yes, I already have! Please let me know how to connect you!". Grace D.

"Absolutely! The structure and support of this process helped me to stay engaged throughout the 10 days and provided excellent tools to take the lessons learned back into my regular routine." Julie L.

" For sure !!! " Laura L.


"Yes!!" Adrienne H.

"Yes !!!" Barbara H.




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