The Spring Cleanse is ready for you ...!!

Here is what you will receive for the $43 per day:

- 2 Health and Wellness Coaching sessions with me ( Value $160 ).

The first one on Skype, where we dive into your health history and goals. The second via phone or Facetime where we move through what ever the cleanse is bringing up to the surface for you.

- 7 Guided Meditations to support the process toward emotional empowerment. You can access them on your own time to ease schedule conflict ( Value Possibly Life Changing or $56 if bought separately ; )

- $290 of Organic Cleanse SuperFoods delivered to you. That includes:

  • a very large container of Power Shake ( that is a combination of delicious sprouted then dehydrated chia seeds, wheat grass juice, alfalfa, amaranth, quinoa, carrot, berries, Spirulina, oat berry juice and more. Sugar content: 2%.
  • The most unique combination of 23 Amino Acid- Vegan Protein, that is 99% absorbable ( others on the market are only 40 to 60% absorbable and tax your kidneys and liver). These go straight into the muscles via your lymphatic system and allow the body to tone and firm up, while providing you with the energy you need during the day.
  • Then a combination of herbs to help your intestinal track cleansing process.
  • And finally the strongest Tart Cherry Juice that boost the Melatonin production in your body, allowing deep, restful sleep for the body, organs and muscles and nervous system to regenerate fully.

I spent 2 years researching the best products to use for this, that would be organic, farm to products made ( no middle man to mingle with quality), wheat-free and 100% satisfaction guarantee...These are the ones!

- a $50 gift certificate to use when you order directly to the company and they will deliver to you.

- Daily inspirations via email: including easy recipes with the foods the cleanse allow you to eat ( Summer Squashes, Cucumbers, Avocado, Apple, Celery, Berries, mushrooms, greens etc...)

- Online Community Support for during and after the cleanse.


Ready ?