The story goes that I came out of my mother's womb dancing...!!

But truly I was a shy little girl put into a ballet class at 4-year old in Paris...and then very quickly became the choreographer of all family holiday's performances.

After learning many styles of dance inspired by many cultures, and having had to take many breaks from dancing due to an hyper-mobility condition, I found new ways of moving and healing myself.  Naturally, I have been ecstatic to share my passion for expression and for supporting others access the jewels they hold, sometimes unbeknownst to them, inside their bodies.

That passion has been funneled into workshops and retreats, such as The Dance of Power, Anger and Forgiveness; Dancing with Source, and Wild Woman, Wise Women Circles.

After years of teaching Performance Arts and Production, I created a new format in 2005 that I called Freedom Dances.

California 2009

California 2009

A little evening improvisation at home in Kauai 3 years ago. Illustrating spine recovery and fluidity after a serious injury 3 years before.

New Zealand 2015