Bones of freedom ~ a new evolution of Rosen Method Bodywork

Discover a new freedom of choice and movement as you lastingly dismantle long-held unconscious patterns of Body and Mind, emotional trauma, physical restrictions and protective attitudes in a compassionate, empowering body-based format.

Physical Benefits:

  • Injury Recovery
  • Acute Pain Relief, Sciatica, Whiplash, Sacro-iliac joint issues, chronic tensions
  • Natural Realignment
  • Ultimate Freedom of Movement
  • Effortless Breathing

Emotional Benefits:

  • Anxiety, Depression and Panic Attack Recovery
  • Trauma Healing
  • Aliveness and Vitality

Following the breath, moment to moment, the Rosen Method guides us back to the depth of our hearts.
Approaching with gentleness, the fears, where the muscles have contracted or numbed, the hands and presence of the practitioner create a space of acceptance. Within this space the tensions can be released, the emotions embraced, and the whole being surrender to what is.

The Physical, Mental and Emotional benefits are immense, sometimes astonishing, once again the perfect reflection of the intimate connection of our Body, Mind and Spirit.

What happens during a session ?

As the client lays on the massage table, the practitioner contacts the body with the respectful and unique Rosen Touch.

She finds the source of the muscle tensions and gently establishes a deep, trustful rapport with the client’s body and mind.

Often, as the contracted group muscle is being met with matching intensity, the tension will start releasing its hold, allowing the breath to flow back to the places which felt hard and still before.

With movement and life coming through the muscles again, the emotions and feelings which caused the contraction can make their way back to awareness.

The practitioner can then follow and support the client’s unfolding discovery, using language and words as pebbles on the path to self-understanding, truth, deep relaxation and healing.

What does one gain from this work ?

Effortless breathing:
The diaphragm recovers its full movement and function creating a healthier body and a more peaceful life.

Physical realignment:
Correction of poor posturing due to injuries or life long tensions.
Release of chronic tensions, therefore freedom and full spectrum range of motion.
Disappearance of acute pain.

Profound healing of past or present emotional, energetic and physical traumas:
A regained access to spontaneity, freedom and power.
A supportive foundation to understand and break addiction cycles.
A new ability for trust in intimacy.

A enhanced communication between one’s body, emotions and mind.


Yemaya graduated from the Rosen Method Center in 1995. She continued to assist Marion Rosen and the school directors in the center's program for another 4 years.

She's had an active practice since then and promoted the work in Marin, Kauai, and internationally in France, Canada and New Zealand.

After 25 years of practice and learning from many other traditions of healing, she now renamed her work Bones of Freedom, as it gives us the foundation and most authentic, powerful impact on our recovery toward wholeness and physical, emotional and mental freedom.

Sue, 44. Mill Valley: I first saw Yemaya for back pain. I tried a lot of things before, but she helped the most. As a wonderful side effect, I felt more alive, had more energy to play with my daughter, made new friends and my career zoomed to places I had never even dreamed of.
I’m also getting to know parts of myself I did not know existed, and I like them. It’s been quite remarkable and unexpected.

Susannah, 45. Fairfax: Your touch is particularly tuned in and attentive, present, I really felt “seen” physically, it was gentle and loving and I felt cared for. The non-invasive but also penetrating, insightful, questions really brought new depth to my understanding of myself and my patterns. I can’t wait until I can partake of your delicious bodywork again...

Ellen, 62. Mill Valley: I have worked on and off with Yemaya for 20 years. I simply LOVE her Rosen Method. It takes care of my aches and pain like nothing else.