I started dancing in Paris when I was 4-year old. Unfortunately I always had issues with my joints and ligaments.

When I moved to the States I was immediately guided to embrace a life-focus of healing.
For self, for family, for community.

To rebuild strength, I started on the Yogic path, and got really curious about the other limbs of Yoga – the meditation, the breathing exercises, the purifications and devotional practices.

 I had lived in a Zen Buddhist monastery when I was 25 and always loved the focused feeling of rituals, no matter which traditions they came from.

Early on, while living in San Francisco I was awakened by the most fascinating community of performance artists, deeply immersed in Earth Traditions and Old Goddess Wisdom. Somehow those three spiritual backgrounds weaved together made me into what you could call… a french Zen Bhakti Pagan !!

To marry discipline and focus, awareness with devotion and healthy celebration while honoring all of Life seemed a path worth embracing and keeping up with.

Shortly after leaving the Zen Center, I became a student of world renowned Somatic Therapy Teacher and Healing Bodywork Pioneer, Marion Rosen, at the Rosen Institute in Berkeley.

I graduated 4 years later, in 1995, one of the youngest students of the school and continued to assist Marion and the team of teachers for another 4 years, bringing the work back to my roots, in Paris and, much later on, assisting with the British Columbia School in Canada.

Last year I took the work to New Zealand and had the most fulfilling teaching experience in Auckland and Nelson, yet another demonstration of the universal impact of this work.

After creating and running two healing centers ~ one in Marin County, California and one on the sacred island of Kauai, Hawaii, for a total of 12 years, I decided to make my love for gorgeous healing foods and their healing properties official.

I went back to school and I received my training as a Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition’s cutting-edge Health Coach Training Program/

What turns me on…

The depth of connection underlying the Rosen Method Bodywork and which I bring to my sessions as a Health Coach. I truly enjoy the detective work I have to engage in, while helping people find their unique self-healing abilities and the hidden jewels within them.

With patience and gentleness, fierce compassion and humor, I love to receive and redirect the clues that will open the Heart back to itself, and free us up from protective patterns that no longer hold true…
I also delight in playing with food, going to the Farmers Markets and finding the best organic local ingredients to make simple or sophisticated magic full of nutrients, beautiful to look at and delicious to savor...

Finally I just love any form of highly creative expression which contribute to Peace, Justice, and Generosity and inspire our human species to evolve in the light and for the highest good of all beings on our beloved Planet Earth, Gaia.